MBA, Software Architect, Electrical Technician & Entrepreneur.

I founded Athena IT-Group A/S in 1995 focusing on IT-outsourcing, Hosting and Cloud Software Development. I managed company growth organically and via acquisitions leading to its IPO on Nasdaq OMX in 2007. 

In 2013 I sold and left the company after 18 years, and founded Kroul Sailing Adventures Ltd - a quite alternative travel agency offering sailing and diving trips around the globe. 

I sailed across the mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean in 2013. Explored the Caribbean in 2014 and 2015 - facebook.com/kroulsailing

In 2015 I also co-founded Manivest Fund Ltd and later Manivest Value Fund A/S in 2018 - an AI-powered value investing Hedge Fund, where I developed both the investment algorithms and the financial analysis system.

In 2015 I was appointed COO for GlobalConnect Outsourcing Services A/S - The largest datacenter operator in Denmark with more than 15.000 M2 capacity. 

Since December 2018 I am working at ITER - the worlds largest Fusion energy project as Computing Centre Officer.

My forces are datacenter operations, software design, business development, strategy, M&A and IT in general - especially cloud and web technologies.

Privately I'm interested in sailing, skiing, science & science fiction, investment & economy, wine, cooking, music and music production, movies and everything else that makes life great!

I enjoy composing and playing music, and have recorded 3 albums and 5 singles whereof 3 have been published. 

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